The London Centre for International Relations (LCIR) is an online non-profit independent body that seeks to provide a refreshing analytical perspective on issues pertaining to global politics and governance. LCIR aims to:

  • Monitor and track changes within the international situation with a view to informing decision-makers, takers and the public in general as to developments that may impact their governments, society, systems, state and organizations.
  • To achieve this without fear or favour towards any government and organization as well as from financial, career path or commercial and political vested interests.

LCIR has a unique methodology and out-of-the-box political thinking. All our articles are released under LCIR in order to protect the identity of our contributors, the perspectives of whom may conflict with their host governments which in turn may compromise their security, independence and integrity.

As a result, LCIR is self funded. It neither seeks nor receives funding from any external source in order to maintain impartiality, independence and veracity with respect to its analysis. Consequently, our presence is online only with no physical office.

The director of LCIR is Dr. Noman Hanif. He specialises in global politics and international relations. Dr. Hanif has taught at leading UK universities and abroad. He is supported by fellows, associates, and an extensive network of researchers globally.