Israel/Palestine – Unravelling British Policy as Sunak Visits the Middle East

British PM Rishi Sunak will be visiting the Middle East on the heels of Biden as is customary for the British to show support for US policies. It is important to understand Britain’s role in the world and her impact in the region. Because, although largely symbolic, she is a dangerous actor and needs to be assessed independently from the US although she is the most difficult to analyse.

With respect to the current situation Rishi Sunak will mimic the US on the security of Israel, that the strike on the hospital was the work of Palestinian groups, and follow the US line on pressuring in public, the need for Israel to open the humanitarian corridor in Gaza and adhere to the two state solution.

However, at the same time she will inflame the situation with regards to Iran and use her media and what’s left of her leverage in the Muslim world and Arab world, to enhance and exploit its anger against both Israel and America.

For this has been Britain’s policy since she lost her global position to America in the post WW2 period, and was subsequently systematically removed from the Middle East and elsewhere successfully by the Americans. As a result, the British relationship with America is one dimensional and engineered for her own survival and maintaining relevance in the world rather than supporting the Americans.

In this regard, individuals make a difference and the fruition of this policy requires stature and skill on the behalf of the British leaders. Thatcher had this with Reagan , Blair with Clinton and then Bush, but Sunak has no stature and the body language of Biden has been to treat him like a patsy “brownwalla” of the British establishment, who have deliberately installed brown faces in key areas such as the Home ministry to take difficult and racist decisions on migration etc including on Muslims in the UK which a white face would be vulnerable to attacks of racism and colonialism s well as to assist with policy on India.

Since the US expanded into the world post 1945, it not only replaced Britain in the Middle East, she removed her by force from Syria. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and finally in Iraq. But despite this , Britain continued her post 1945 policy of remaining relevant in world affairs by forcibly attaching herself to America and portraying a largely one sided “special relationship”. Even if this meant America working against her own interests like in Iraq etc. As it stands, apart from Oman, only Jordan remains loyal to Britain.

However, although tied to America publicly, and seemingly parroting her every move and supporting every US action to remain relevant, she laments her loss of power and remains the cunning fox which makes her dangerous in world affairs, as she looks at the same time to hurt America and reduce her power.

Hence, she would push America as much as possible into conflict and declare alliance with her in order to hide her aims. Hence Britain heightened the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union and exhausted them both financially and militarily until they realised this whenKruschev and Kennedy met after the Cuban Missile crisis.

Other examples include pushing as hard as possible America into Iraq in order to trap her into a quagmire and then into Afghanistan post 9/11.

Now again, with the current situation, Britain is parroting everything that the US is saying and supporting her every move despite the fact that she may lose Jordan in the process if the West Bank explodes and Palestinians are displaced into Jordan.

In this regard Britain is the most dangerous for she will push for maximum regional conflagration in order to trap America into a wider Middle East quagmire. She is doing this whilst at the same time heightening the issue of China by declaring “massive” Chinese espionage in the UK as a way of confusing the US on her priorities and to take harsher action against Netanyahu which will inevitably make him react.

Similarly, Britain is heightening the situation with Iran to increase the vulnerability for Israel and pressure her to act and push America and Israel into Lebanon. This is also evident with the British media starting to highlight so called “Iranian backed” organisations in the UK as security concerns.

Similarly, Britain will push demonstrations in the UK to vent the anger of the Muslims at Israel whilst at the same time showing that it will prosecute pro- Hamas sentiment.

The BBC is the primary tool for Britain’s politics, relevance and games. It’s one dimensional reporting consolidates the overt alliance whilst looking to inflame the Arab and Muslim world at the same time.

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