Biden’s Personal Visit to Israel to Warn Netanyahu

Washington has halted wider action against Netanyahu as Biden in an extraordinary trip to Israel personally travelled to give Netanyahu the warning about crossing the red line in Gaza. It also coincides with the Israeli act of attacking the hospital and murdering 500+ civilians which inflamed the Muslim’ and Arab street to the extent that Washington had to instruct its clients amongst the Arab regimes to openly criticise Israel and put it under pressure to save face. Washington also instructed Jordan to cancel the planned summit meeting with Biden, Mahmoud Abbas and Sisi of Egypt to coordinate the response to Netanyahu. The cancellation in itself was a warning to Netanyahu as to the gravity of American displeasure, as well as a face saving exercise for the Arab regimes to prevent domestic instability.

After the meeting with Biden, Israel announced that humanitarian aid would be allowed through the Rafah crossing in Egypt and to South Gaza only. With Sisi holding firm on closing the Rafah border so that Netanyahu is unable to change the facts on the ground and demolish the two state solution, which Biden confirmed after meeting Israel’s cabinet, stating; “The people of Gaza need food, water, medicine, shelter.”

As for the paper tiger Iran, despite the warning of a “few hours” notice to Israel, and even after the attack on the hospital, no action was forthcoming because it had not received the green light from Washington.

Consequently, instead of Hezbollah engaging militarily, they decided to hold “demonstrations” against Israel in Beirut. With continued empty rhetoric and broken promises of action, Iran continued to sabre rattle, declaring today a “hard revenge”, two days after its “hours “ warning, because like the Arab regimes, it is merely a client of Washington.

However, the situation remains fluid and Washington remains committed to removing Netanyahu and keeping the pressure on him with regards to Iran and regional escalation as well as internal rupture in Israeli political and public opinion. Hence, there was a demonstration in Tel Aviv calling for Netanyahu’s resignation to coincide with Biden’s visit.

Washington is worried about Netanyahu’s actions which will destabilise the Middle East. Biden’s personal trip represents the gravity of the situation for Washington.

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