Britain Fuelling and Exploiting the Situation in the Middle East

As forecast in the previous analysis, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would echo the Americans virtually word for word with regards to support for Israel ,stating amongst other parroted statements such as “We will stand with you in solidarity, we will stand with your people. And we also want you to win.”

However, there was one subtle difference. Biden’s warning to Netanyahu was also to pull back and Israel not to be “consumed by rage”, stating that this was the mistake the US made over 9/11. A clear signal to Netanyahu that if he crossed the red line and went ahead with the ground invasion, it may give the green light to Iran and Hezbollah, including most probably assistance to Hamas through Egypt, to prevent Netanyahu and the right wing from demolishing the two state solution.

However, there was no such caution from Sunak and Britain did not ask Israel to pull back as Britain knows that America’s continued support publicly for Israeli security after a ground invasion will be dangerous for the American position in the region and destabilise its control which Britain can exploit.

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