Political Observation

American Objectives and Protests in Iran

These recent protests bear a cultural character, dominated by the removal and burning of the hijab, which represents religious symbolism, in addition to burning pictures of Khamenei and Qassem Soleimani, who represent the conservative “religious” movement. This indicates that there is American backing for the rival “modernist” reformist forces with the aim of exerting pressure on the conservatives.

Putin’s Reasons and Calculations on Mobilisation and Annexation

It is no secret that by annexing Donbass to Russian lands Putin is trying through a referendum, to justify his call for partial mobilisation in order to avoid domestic discontent and criticism by claiming that he is defending Russian lands and the Russian people, in addition to his quest to secure the battlefronts with soldiers as a precaution against the Ukrainian attack and the continuation of the war in which America continually seeks to heavily invest in.

Russian Objectives and the Renewal of the Azerbaijan – Armenian Conflict

Russia has been playing on the nationalist, security, and economic contradictions between the countries of the region, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey, despite their Western inclinations, in addition to her desire to control Chinese trade routes close to her borders, and her quest to control the alternative energy routes to Europe via Azerbaijan and Turkey