The Killing of Zwahiri and Khorassani

The assassination of Al Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zwahiri by the Americans, of TTP rebel chief Omar Khalid Khorassani, and the transfer of General Faiz Hameed from Peshawar Corps are all connected and signify Americas need to close the post 9/11 file on Afghanistan and Pakistan, so as to focus Pakistan’s attention on achieving her new role for the Americans with regards to the entrapment of China. All three events occurred after Pakistan COAS Bajwa begged the Americans to release the IMF funds and the phone call with the American general responsible for the region, CENTCOM chief General Michael Eril Kurilla on 29/07/2022.

In order to facilitate the American plan, the Taliban had to be on board as well as members of the TTP leadership. With American holding the purse strings for Taliban’s desperate need for legitimacy and the release of frozen funds to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the country, the Taliban leadership has been instrumental in bringing the TTP and the Pakistanis to the negotiating table. In this regard both Zwahiri and Omar had outdated their usefulness to America, especially since recruitment for the TTP was being assisted by the Americans initially as a means to draw Pakistan internally into a domestic terror situation in order for her to disengage her focus from India and free its military forces to confront China.

The Americans used Bin Laden and Zwahiri under the so – called war on terror as a pretext to expand their military footprint in Iraq, Central Asia and Afghanistan. This could not have been achieved without the slavery of Pakistan’s political and military leadership, at that time Musharraf.  Now the Pakistani military leadership is instrumental in helping the Americans close the 9/11 chapter, in order to fulfill her new role against China. Hence, the Pakistani military allowed the Americans airspace and intelligence to kill, abduct and then dispose of Osama bin Laden from Pakistani territory in a safe house in Abbottabad. The Americans got rid of bin Laden’s corpse in order to eliminate any American trail as she did with General Zia and even her own ambassador by blowing up the plane they were on to eliminate all evidence and trail concerning the CIA operations with Pakistan against the Soviet Union and who they supported in Afghanistan. This is the hallmark of the Americans who will use and depose of their agents once their usefulness has been achieved.

Zwahiri was also under Pakistani intelligence protection as well as the Taliban. According to the Express Tribune, “the safe house (where Zwahiri was kept and was attacked) belonged to a top aide to Sirajuddin Haqqani, the interior minister in the Taliban cabinet. Some senior Taliban officials and commanders also lived in a cluster of villas in the plush neighborhood where besides Zawahiri some other al Qaeda operatives were also allegedly sheltered” (14/08/22).

It is well known that Haqqani worked closely with Pakistan’s intelligence services and hence the presence of Zwahiri would have been known to the Americans or extracted from Pakistan, possibly as part of assistance with the IMF and other funds from the Gulf. It is instructive to note that the Reaper drone, which killed Zwahiri, is believed by experts to have originated from an American base in the Gulf.

Hence, both Zwahiri and Omar Khorrasani’s elimination could not have occurred without the assistance to the American’s from both the Taliban and the Pakistani security services, as was the case with Osama bin Laden. Omar Khorassani was part of the powerful TTP guidance council but was more extreme than the TTP’s leadership as a member of the delegation negotiating with the Pakistani military and had become a stumbling block. According to the Dawn,

“Khorasani has been seen as more extreme than the hardliners within the TTP…he had taken a hawkish position in peace talks in Kabul and the TTP leadership was made aware of this fact” (09/08/2022).

The fact that the TTP leadership has not withdrawn from the negotiations whilst targeted killings have eliminated many of the their senior commanders opposed to the talks is indicative of the fact that Pakistan’s military and the Taliban are working closely with the Americans in order to bring the TTP in line with the strategy to confront China. The fact that the Taliban did not take the US to task for violating its sovereignty and airspace with the killing of Zawahiri is testament to the fact that the Americans are operating as per usual and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was merely strategic in order to re-position her soldiers and fortune onto China. 

Moreover, all of this is happening whilst the Americans have increased their provocation of China over Taiwan with the visit of US politicians to the island such as Nancy Pelosi. The American envoys overlooking Pakistan, CENTCOM chief and Ambassador Donald Blome in Islamabad are carefully maneuvering Pakistan to close the 9/11 chapter and facilitate the new American chapter against China.

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